Training to become a writer

My colleague is an aspiring author. At night he comes home from work, I don’t know the details, but in my mind, probably takes off his shoes, makes dinner, makes tea (that is probably just me) and sits at his desk to continue through his over 100,000 word manuscript.

He works hours into the night and gets up late in the morning to go to work. Where do we work? What do we do? Write.

We write for a small-city newspaper, covering things from fun events at schools, and organizations to city hall meetings and the drunk drivers crashing into light poles.

It is usually 8 hours of looking at a computer screen.

When he told me of how his nights have been spent lately, frantically trying to get his first book done, I was in awe. Not just of the actual act of writing a book, which is incredible, but that he can come home from writing and go back to writing.

But, this past week, and many more to come, I am finding myself in the same boat. I have been working on my column for one website, applying for a position for another website with new samples of writing, drafting up cover letters for my boyfriend, and about to start ghost-writing with someone in my town on a book about a lawyer in the area.

Just this past Tuesday, I found myself coming home from a long 9 hour day and settling into my kitchen table seat with random food items and my laptop, working on my next running column.

As this is my blog for mostly running pieces, I will add that in now. Usually, I try to plan my weeks based around my work schedule and running. On this day should I do a long run? Or short and sweet with some weights?

It is not always the prettiest way to schedule out my time, but so far, it’s the only way to make sure I get in my run and not go crazy. Yet, in the last week, I have been adding in another time-consuming hobby, though not as energetic. This past week, I have been looking at the work schedule, throwing in my runs at 5 a.m or 7 p.m. and spending the other, very few hours of the day writing. And, to be honest, I love it.

I am throwing myself into being a writer, because it is about time I start living up to that dream I have of myself. When I set out this year to run a marathon under 3 hours and 15 minutes, I set myself up with a plan I knew was going to be tough and trying, but also one I knew that was possible because it was my dream.

Being a writer, particularly a freelance writer working from the house or my coffee shop and seeing my name in multiple publications, is a dream I feel like I have always wanted, but was always hesitant in believing it could be true.

And, of course, it could still always be a dream and never to the real-life passion I want it to be, but that is something I will just have to accept. But, until now, I am in still in the middle of my training plan-I am working my butt off on becoming a writer.




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