Track? Sprints? huh?


I grew up a swimmer. Just by saying that, you should know: One, land activities were never a favorite and two, the thought of swimming a 500 staring at the underwater black line sounds more appealing than running in circles on a track.


When I entered college, and put my swimsuit on hold for awhile, I tried out running. Obviously, weirdly, it stuck.

But not growing up as a running kid, I missed out on a lot that I am now realizing, ‘thank goodness I did!’

Every week I have a track or sprint workout. It falls on Tuesday, and with my work schedule/horrible Indiana weather, I have been attacking these workouts via treadmill.

Last week, the workout was not too bad. 4×1 mile at 10k pace, so about 6:30-6:40.

On the way to the gym, as Ken my bf, chatted away about his day, I sat rigidly fearing what I was about to do. And, it was only 4 miles!

Just for some history, as a swimmer I was never a good racer. I hated racing and swim meets and actually swam faster at practice than I would in competition. Luckily, this affliction has not popped up since I began running. However, I think ultrarunning and the long distances have contributed to that.

Speed. Pain. Sticking to a time. I was not looking forward to it.


I began with an easy mile that ended way too quickly. I jogged for a bit then Ken and I started.

Bumping up the treadmill to 9.0 mph, my legs flew with the 6:40ish pace. Then jogged and walked two mins before starting the next one. The first one was tough, just getting into it and ignoring the soreness.

But the three flew by, and I dropped my pace down to 9.3, 6:27 for last one. All in all, I was happy. I finished it and thought, it wasn’t too bad, and I could probably go faster next time.


Flash forward to the next Tuesday, Jan. 19.

8 miles, with 7 x 1200meters at 10k pace again. I upped it to 1200 instead of 1000 because I didn’t want to do .65 on a treadmill, figured this was easier to manage.

I pulled out some of tricks to gear up for this-cute pink hat, tank top, water bottle full of Watermelon Nuun, and my good compression socks.

The first one was pretty good, and I kept cranking them through. By the 5th one though, I was getting tired. By the 6th I covered the screen to help, and the 7th was all I had mentally. Physically, I think my legs could have done a bit more, but I was happy with my splits. I didn’t keep track of time, but tried to lower my pace throughout the 7.


1&2@ 6:35 pace (9.1mph)

3&4@ 6:31 pace (9.2)

5&6@ 6:27 pace (9.3)

7 @ 6:22 (9.4)

It occurred to me while running that the treadmill isn’t sooo bad, especially since I was trying to keep a pace rather than a time.

After the run, I did an easy mile cool down and did a few sets of core work and calf raises.


I was proud of myself. For someone who doesn’t even know how far along the track a 1000 meters is, I was proud that I am getting out of slow, long distance mindset and into something new. I am becoming faster and not to sound too cocky, but realizing that maybe I am pretty fast at this sport. Or at least, getting within the “fast” level.


Tomorrow’s workout is more my kind of thing, 9 steady miles. I’m hoping to run this outside, but depends on the work schedule how late I will be out.

Guess, we’ll see tomorrow.




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