A look at 2015

Yes, the typical “year in review” kind of post, because why not?

Looking over the year, I feel like I am seeing the choices I made as either difficult, cannot decide what to do with my life, versus some that were made with no thinking at all. Does that make sense?

Let me start off that I am not good, and hate making decisions. I am a pro/con, “mom, help me” kind of person. It is not a good quality to have (or not have) but it is something that 2015 has helped me improve upon.

For example, this May I graduated from college with two degrees and no plans forward except working at the local running store in NWI. I looked at teaching, grad school for English, grad school for Library Science-that last one I went pretty far in my thinking. I enrolled in the school, I bought an apartment for next year and told everyone my plans, well explained to everyone what exactly a person does in and with a degree of library science. I made it so far, thinking this is what I wanted to do, I mean classes on books, research etc, that was all me right? But, when it came down living two more years at IU, paying a lot more money and again, not having a job when I graduated, I began to dread the decision I was making. It was the week of graduation I frantically got out of my lease, frantically got ready for graduating from undergraduate school and frantically moved home.

So, all in all: Jessica fails in decision making 1.

At home, I had about two/three months before I saw the ad for the editor position at Michigan City. I applied, mostly as something to do, something to show that, “yeah, I am a journalism major, maybe I should work in journalism” and my mom kept asking me. But when I interviewed, and got the call that I got the job (not the same one, but still a job) I was thrilled, excited and knew that I had a plan now. Saying yes was a no brainer.

Jessica does better in decision making 2.

That was all work stuff. When it comes to finding my bf, I think my decision making was on point for once. I saw him, we talked, and we haven’t been a part since. And, that area is as good as done, if you want all the details.

Jessica overcomes decision making 3.

Now, running. Running, running, running. The thing I love, and the thing that will kill me. Jk, maybe. I spent the year overcoming surgery, overdoing it and injuring something else, lazily training in the summer, winning two races in the summer, pushing myself more than I have ever trained in this sport this fall and quitting my last race of the year within the middle of it.

Yeah, it was a treat.

But, what running has taught me this year, is that I need to train for ME. I have issues and weaknesses that others running 100/week don’t. I have a job that may force me to run in the morning or night on the treadmill, and thats ok. This is all going to be another blog post about running in 2016, but I just wanted to add in how running has transformed me this year and last. I was smart in not pushing myself toward another injury in the summer or at the race a few weeks ago. But, I also was stupid in even going to that race!

So, for running my decision making is still getting tweaked and worked on, but is slowly getting better. If I had to pick though: Jessica levels out in decision making.

This year was a whirlwind of new things and choices that will set my future life. I made the career choice of being a writer. I made the relationship choice of being with my bf for the rest of my life.

I began attending Church, and allowing myself to learn and experience a new way of doing and believing things. I began swimming more and doing more yoga, and making it a part of my future athletic goals. I have decided to stick to more plant-based foods, while still being open to trying new foods. And, most of all I learned that everything falls into place. Everything will come together, whether it is suddenly or takes years, whether it is something I have to stay awake about and write a pro/con list about or know instantly what my choice is.

2015 was a big year. Now onto 2016: bigger and better.





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