Me and the foam roller…

My relationship with the foam roller is probably like many others-painful, mocking and unpleasant.

Sure we have a good times. When I can roll and crack my back, or use it as a pillow when I lay on the ground to read…

Ok, but honestly, why is it so hard to get off the couch at night and roll? In the back of mind the nagging feeling that my day is not complete until I roll out my aching muscles. I know later on, whether it is the next day or the next month, my body will thank me for keeping up on rolling out any soreness or kinks. Yet, the thing looks at me every night, taunting me.

For my job, I am a sitter. I sit in my office, I go to meetings and sit, and sit 30 minutes in the car each way to get to the office. I willfully admit that when I am not running I am a happy couch potato. Yet, sitting all day for hours, and not having many breaks in between, my tight muscles are just getting tighter. Yes I have a tennis ball and yes, I try to stand up and stretch every once in a while, but there the pain and soreness returns.

Make this an early New Year’s Resolution if you must. I am declaring a new goal: foam rolling every night even when I don’t want to leave the comfortable couch. Stretch, not just in yoga, but at in the morning and night. Use one of the ten thousand rolling sticks I have stashed in multiple places.

I always say swimming is a weird sport because it is ALL technique. Sure muscles and power will get you fast time in the 50 0r 100, but you have to have good technique to swim fast. Now if can just adjust that mindset to running. Each small technique change is each each minute stretching and rolling out the muscles needed to perform. Without healthy tendons, muscles, and joints, you will be on the ground in pain, or worse, back in a boot.

So, for all who read this and for myself grab that roller and get to work, because, trust me, there is nothing worse than spending a summer on the couch in a cast.






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