Welcome back Jess

I am running again. And, I swear, with one hand typing these words and one arm on the invisible Bible that I borrowed from my roommate, stupid injuries and this “overdoing it” mindset will never happen again.

Don’t laugh. I really am going to change….

My dad told me yesterday something that I guess never occurred to me before, or at least in that way before. He said, “You just jump into things. You jump too quickly without thinking things through.”

In some ways that is a good thing. It means I take risks, I am adventurous, I am ready to try new things. Right? Or does it mean I dive head first into something so that I really don’t have to think about it? Was diving headfirst into graduate school something I did because I really wanted to continue my education, or a way to solve my problem of not having a plan after graduation and feeling like a failure back at my parents’ house? In that case, the answer will be both.

But what about other situations, like my first 100 miler last April? The moment I signed up for that race I was all in. I ran everyday. I ate healthy, trained hard in the gym, and did nothing but eat, sleep, run (If you don’t believe me ask my roommates-they thought I was a freak). I jumped, well cannon-balled would describe it better, into the ultrarunning world within a year of becoming a real runner. And how did it turn out? I ended up seriously injured and not able to run for about a year. But, I jumped into a third place finish, an amazing under-24 time for my first 100, and landed with the memories of one of the best days of my life. Was it worth it? HELL YEAH.

Overdoing it. Jumping in with my eyes closed. Having my “If anything is going to happen it’s going to happen out there mindset.” (Captain Ron). These are qualities that I have and am thankful for, but they still require the power to control them. I am still learning how to run and lift together safely, and I am still learning how to eat healthy without depriving myself of my Ben and Jerrys. I am still learning that though I say I am a pretty laid-back person, I need to apply and actually do that in life, not just talk it. 🙂

I can spend hours reading and sleeping on the beach. I can spend hours running and lifting in the gym. Balance baby, balance.

So thanks Dad. I do jump into things, and I do jump quickly back out of them, once I figure out maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

I am jumping back into running. I’ve got my new shoes on, my log book dusted off, and y Garmin charged. Welcome back, Jess, the trails have missed you!


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