A new Jessica, a new start, a new blog

OK, I apologize for the cheesy title, but sometimes you need to be a fruity to spice things up. I want to start this post with another apology for my lack of writing, but I think I have a good excuse. Being a running blog about my training, racing, and feelings, I figured not running means that I do not write. Why wasn’t I running you ask? I had an injury. And not just any injury: I tore my Anterior Tibialis tendon in my left foot and underwent surgery on July 1st. After weeks of physical therapy of what the doctors believed was “bad” tendonitis, I finally told my doctor to order the MRI, which ta da! the tendon was completely torn off the bone and muscle, and was nowhere to be seen in the pictures.


Sentenced to 6 weeks on crutches I had to move home back to Chesterton with the folks. I spent most of the first few weeks on the couch, chair, or towel at the beach. I finally made it to the pool, exercising my dwindling muscles, and I managed to borrow some free weights, however the energy to lift by myself in a room that smelled like the lovely animals dwindled as well.

photo3photo 3

Flash forward, as my summer did not do, to August. I replaced the pink cast with one nice, large grey walking boot two days before I moved all my crap back to Bloomington for my senior year.

And here we are now. I am sitting in my new house, one week into my last year in college. The boot is still hugging my sad calf leg as I watch tv this lovely Sunday night. I hobbled throughout campus this week, painless but uncomfortable. I mumble out “surgery” “torn tendon” and “Yes, I ran 100 miles. No, the surgery was not exactly caused by the 100 miles…”

But as the cheesy title stated, this blog post is more about the lessons learned, if any at all.

Home with my mom and my thoughts for weeks, opened up some interesting points. The big one: does everything happen for a reason? and if they do, what am I supposed to learn from this?

Not a huge believer in the “everything has a purpose” mentality, I forced myself to look at this setback as that, a setback. I went back in time and looked at everything that led up to that snap I heard in mile 82 of the 100. One realization was the horrible, horrible winter of course, which led to being super tight, always cold, and always on pavements. The pronation of my lovely foot was another factor. Running nearly everyday, even when I shouldn’t have was a factor. And perhaps amping up to a hundred so quickly was a factor too? But who knows what exactly caused the injury and, better yet, what can I do now to make sure this NEVER happens again?

photo 3

And, here it is. My change. The change of Jessica: ultrarunner, reader, writer, beach/dog/PB lover etc….

Now, after so much time and thinking…I have to come to add a few things to that list.

1. Vegan: Riding home from my sister’s school, my mom and I flew down the highway on the 90 degree summer evening. Talking about this and that, I looked to my right. Meeting my eyes was a semi full of live, pigs on their way to their deaths. They were piled on top of each other,  their snorts and screams drowned by the road. Right then I knew I was done. I was a vegetarian for about 3 years before returning to meat this past year because I felt like I needed more protein in my diet. In the span of about 10 months, I ate meat almost everyday and twice most days. Now, I am back on track to the diet/lifestyle that I truly believe in. I will be vegetarian for sure, and am beginning to transition back into being vegan-something that I dabbled with last summer but never committed fully to it. So as of this moment: Jessica: vegan.

2. Yogi: I love yoga. I love the bending, the silence, the soothing music, and even the impossible-looking poses. A couple of years ago while spending home in Chesterton, my mom and I were avid yoga-goers. While at school I kept it up, appearing at the weekly/biweekly early morning classes. Then, having the wonderful job of delivering the papers, plus 18 credit hours, yoga quickly was let off the weekly planner. After my realization that maybe my legs and ankles are unbearably tight, I am committing myself back to my yoga journey. With the cast I was able to do some, it was kind of sad, but hey, at least I got some stretching in! With the boot I am able to do more, and each day getting better at balancing on the rocky thing. My goal is to get back into a new studio close to my birthday, the 27th. Jessica: yogi

photo 1

3. Writer/Blogger: Though already a writer, this change is adding more to my plate. This year I am working as the school’s features editor, writing and producing the magazine, 812, for my journalism class, and continuing my position as the WeRunFar monthly columnist. Always on my mind though is this blog, sitting here, doing nothing. I feel guilty when I think about it, mostly because I feel like it mocks me. The writer who doesn’t write. The blogger who doesn’t blog? So, in attempt to redeem my writer status I am reinstating the blog, but more than just a running blog. I am going to make this more of a personal blog-writing about my journey through veganism, my journey through yoga, through senior year, and through life in general. Jessica: writer

So, sit back and get ready. I am ready to start over and begin a new phase of my life. I will do this until another adventure begins-hopefully one that entails a great yr, great graduation, and a job as, yep you guessed it, writing 🙂


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