New Years Resolutions

I have never been one for resolutions. Making them, keeping them, I never really believed in the big hype. I believe that if you want to change something about yourself or your life, you need to start that day.

One of my “resolutions”for 2014 was something I thought of and began the day before Thanksgiving. I decided that I wanted to run every single day, even if it means just running one mile on some days. And for some unknown reason, I decided to start that day, and I have not missed a day since. So, by the end of 2014 I will have more than 365 days of consecutive running and maybe more if I really keep it up.

Another resolution or goal as it more so is, would be to weight lift and cross train more. When making my training plan for the 100 mile race, I added in time slots for weightlifting and training on the bike and in the pool. Again, resolution vs. real-life? To train for this 100 I know I am going to need to do more than just run. So, on my 2014 Jan-April calendar includes bi-weekly cross training sessions and nothing about sticking to a “resolution” but sticking to a race plan.

I had more things, like reading more and stop buying books when I have 100 still unread novels on multiple bookshelves. I think wearing more makeup and actually dressing like a real girl/person instead of in running clothes on a daily basis made the list as well, but we’ll see about that.

Looking forward to the year, I know I can accomplish the goals already set, change some, and add new ones. It will be a year running, running, and more running. Oh yeah, and some of those other life things I do once in awhile too!



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