My rant for the day

I don’t know what it is.

Ignorance, rudeness, just plain stupidity?

Is it just me or are drivers ignoring all rules of the road when it comes to sharing the road with runners? Whether it is stopping for crosswalks or not moving over for an approaching runner, drivers are completely ignoring the fact that there are other people on the road too.

bad-drivers-badI was so ready for just an easy, relaxing 6-mile run through campus. After a day of work, turning in the two papers I have been working weeks on, and finishing up my last two classes of the semester, I came home looking forward to a run, possible nap, and food. Instead, I started off slipping and sliding over a main sidewalk that was and still has not been salted. Then, I had to jump out of the way for the first time as a van came barreling towards me, completely oblivious to my present.

I finally made it through the run, running around a mailman parked in the road, and another car that completely stopped in the road to let that said mailman pass, forcing me to run in the snow.

Maybe because I started the run sleep deprived, and physically and mentally tired from the week, but the dangerous driving just hit a nerve. I try to adhere to the “rules” of the road as much as possible, and because I respect drivers on the road, I think drivers need to respect bikers and runners even more so. I mean come on, we will cause less damage to a car than that car with a driver on the cell phone will do to us.

Since being in Bloomington, my runs in the trails are rare, due to timing conflicts. I need to get back to my trails at home, where the only thing I have to worry about is rocks and roots.

27301_557636330932076_244776796_nWell, that was my rant for today. After some food and a good night’s sleep, hopefully my long run tomorrow will be better, and in a perfect world, car-less.


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