Ahh, the joys of winter

Well, it finally came.WINTER… I went to bed with a towel wrapped around wiper blades, apparently it is supposed to prevent ice, (it didn’t) and woke up with my car buried under snow. To remind everyone of my glorious job: I work as a delivery girl for my college paper every weekday morning, waking up at 4:45 a.m, (sometimes earlier because my body hates me) and begin whipping papers at locked doors by 5 a.m. Though I woke up to a beautiful snowy picture outside my window, my morning did not go well.


1. I come downstairs to my roommates watching a movie and the Christmas tree mocking me with its warm, just stay home and relax on the couch glow.

2. I have to scrape the 3-4ish inches off my car with my glove and snow scraper that is no bigger than my hand. (thanks Dad, for that handy little device)

3. I slip and slide all the way to the building to fetch my papers, then stall my car trying to get over the bump of plowed snow blocking my first stop.

4. My feet in my tall, black Ugg boots become soaked through as I slosh my way to the paper stacks.

5. I only almost crashed twice.

6. Found out my back brake light is out. That’s not important right?

7. My stomach is growling all morning. Guess my soup and Starbucks muffin was not the most hearty meal…

8. What normally takes me 1.5 hours to complete the route in, took me nearly 2.5.

9. Was not in the mood to trek out to the recycling bin, so I have about 1000 papers in my trunk.

10. Ruined my mood to go run. -Don’t worry, I did!


Ok, so my morning wasn’t horrible…I survived my first winter paper delivery. Next time, (probably all next week) I will be a little more prepared, or transfer to Florida State.

But, despite my bad mood and soaking wet feet, I forced myself to the gym on campus. I only had to run 4, thank goodness, so the torture of the treadmill was not unbearable.

Though I desperately wanted to go run in the snow for the first time this year, I think deciding to wait for a better day/time will make the experience more enjoyable and magical. Like tomorrow, when I go run the Ridge (if anyone from Northwest IN reads this, they know what I am talking about) twice… at 5 a.m…. Magical πŸ™‚

It is funny; people say I am crazy for having this job, going to bed at 9 every night, and running everyday. I think it is crazy not to!


One thought on “Ahh, the joys of winter

  1. Haha! You’re not crazy! I had a job that had me waking up at 2am! However it got me to the trails at noon everyday πŸ™‚
    Enjoyed the read!

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