My first ever XC 6k = get me to a marathon!

Just two weeks after my Chicago Marathon, I ran a 6k with the IU Run Club. Though, I was not anywhere close to the top of the pack, (those girls are freaking fast!), I did not finish last which was my goal. I finished in just under 28 minutes, with some gas in the tank, mostly because I have no idea how to run a fast 6k in the grass and woods and did not know that the turn I breezed through was the last one till the finish…

But overall, I take the experience as a learning one, and step in the right direction, since I have to run another one in a couple of weeks for the Run Club Nationals. But… once the season is over I think I will stick to my marathons.

At the starting line, standing among the 50 or so thin, “been running since elementary school” girls, I knew the worst part was the start. Unlike my recent start at the Chicago marathon, where it takes 15 minutes to just cross the start, this was supposed to be a sprint across the uneven grass and to the narrow section of the race. When I ran my one/two years of cross country in middle school, the starting sprint was my least favorite part. It FREAKED me out! I do not know how people are supposed to sprint like that in the grass!

But, there I was. The announcer screamed “GO” and I jumped forward trying to keep an eye on my teammates long braided pony tail. After that, it was smooth sailing into the woods, over some bumps in the grass, and through the finish line. Not as much fun as the over 3 hour run through Chicago’s screaming crowds, but hey, running is running!

The IU Run Club

The IU Run Club

FYI: We, the girls Run Club placed second overall and our boys placed first!


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