Birthday Wonderings

So, I am sitting in the cafe section of a building on campus waiting for my next class and eating a grapefruit. As people walk in, eyeing the weird girl with juice all over her laptop, I am deeply absorbed in my own thoughts. Today is my 21st birthday. It is finally here, the big 21.

Now, I am not a big “write your goals down on your mirror” or one to stick (or make) New Year’s Resolutions, but over the past week, I have made some changes to my life that I want to maintain for the next couple of years. As I look back over the last year, or even the last week, I realized that I have found myself happier than I usually am. Now, dont think I am the Grinch before dancing/singing found me, but I am not one to always have the beaming smile on my face, especially when my dad east my Kashi cereal. Though I still have some things to figure out, and many more goals to check off my list, I think I am finally becoming the person I am supposed to be. Not too bad for a college junior eh?

  • FOOD: As you all know, if you have read my last posts, I have been playing around a lot with my nutrition. Two years ago I became a vegetarian, mostly because I didn’t eat much meat in the first place, my mom is a veg., and I wanted to cut something out of my diet that I thought was unhealthy (yet I still ate ice cream every week?). Over the summer, obsessed that dairy was the devil, I went vegan (food only-no way was I getting rid of L.L Bean boots!). While in Africa, I basically starved trying to make veganism work, while coming across the 80-10-10 diet-or the raw food diet. Ya. That lasted the rest of summer, doing well until dinner, or until we went out for lunch/dinner or ordered pizza. I did well i think, eliminating the bags of mm’s I usually have duck taped to my person and the daily bowl of moose tracks ice cream, but I wasn’t happy with my food anymore. I was dreading eating! Especially after long runs when I usually look forward to huge egg omelets or pancakes. And, the main thing I was so sick of the hassle! Can i eat this? Does the restaurant have this without dairy? etc, etc. Me, the relaxed, easy-going one of the family was the high maintenance one! So, from all this I have decided to give it all up. I am  no longer sticking to a diet, or not eating a bag of MM’s when I’m in the mood. I have incorporated some fish back into meals, but have not decided 100% on how much or what other kind of meats I want-basically I am just going to go by ear, or stomach. I am still a huge health nut, drinking my protein shakes and not eating processed food-but the food nazi is out the door and the happy, now I can have a cookie girl is back in!
Sweet potato with coconut sugar!

Sweet potato with coconut sugar!

My lunch after my run yesterday. A little messy omelet on an english muffin and a chocolate covered oreo- b-day present from my mom!

My lunch after my run yesterday. A little messy omelet on an english muffin and a chocolate covered oreo- b-day present from my mom!

  • RUNNING: This is the best part. I am addicted to running and not afraid to say it! It used to be, I got up and sometimes did not feel like running, even if I already had a rest day earlier in the week. Now, I look froward to every run, and have a blast each time. I have been running with my friends more, training a girl through her first marathon, and joined the IU Run CLub. I think this has really helped, yet I am still getting to used to the running in the evening thing, I prefer morning runs. From my last post, my mom and I competed in our first ultra-marathon, the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler in Wisconsin. You can go back and reda my race recap, but because I had so much fun and had some umph left in me, I have decided to train and run the Indiana Trail 50 and 100 miler next April. I am also pacing a friend who will be running a 150 mile race also in April, (hopefully my finals will be easy that semester)! I am entering the world of ultra-running, excited and ready to go. I listen to Trail and Runner Nation podcasts on my way to class and just bought my first running skirt for my long runs in the trails! Or for my Chicago Marathon debut :). Running has become a part of me, something that makes me happy, fit, healthy, energetic, and most importantly has made the relationship with my mother even stronger than it is has ever been.
New Shoes for the Chicago Marathon! Switched over to New Balance for road and trail now.

New Shoes for the Chicago Marathon! Switched over to New Balance for road and trail now.

  • SCHOOL: Though my school work and jobs takes up most of my free time, I am paper-boy1really enjoying everything I am involved in. Classes are going well, though I enjoy my English classes a lot more than my journalism classes, why not we get to read and talk about literature all day! I am working as the IDS Carrier, or paper girl as I like to call myself, every morning for about 2 hours. I get up up at 4:45 a.m and is done by 7:15. Though it is getting chilly outside, I do like the job a lot, being a good way to get money, and not take up much of my day. I just turn the radio up and let my mind wander as I count and throw papers. I am also working as a mentor through the  school, which takes up a lot of time, but is a great opportunity to develop good leadership skills, etc. It is still pretty early, so I dont think I have made much of an influence on my mentees yet! The only thing still weighing on my thoughts is what to do after graduation. Law school, grad school, or move out west and hope for a job on a magazine. Anyone know if Trail Runner is hiring??
  • STRENGTH TRAINING: Sine I have been running so much, I felt like it was time to start incorporating some cross training into my routine. So far, I have made it to the gym twice last week and three times this week, yay! I have set up a routine-that I mostly sticking to. After work, which ends by 7/7:15, I drive over Tuesday-Thursday. I am trying to focus on arms, back, abs, and hips, and some legs. And of course, because of my obnoxious, competitive attitude that I think is getting worse, I have incorporated protein shakes, a log of my weights, and have been reading up on weightlifting blogs. I am not saying I want to be some intense woman weightlifter, and I have no desire to do Crossfit, but getting a more muscled, lean body is another goal I hope to accomplish by age 22.
  • Here is a link to a trainer, Lindsay Cappotelli. I have been following her blog for a while and love seeing her progress!

So there are probably more things to add, and more rambling to do, but I am ready to get started on these “resolutions” for the upcoming year. I am looking forward to the next stage of my life fitter, happier, and with a nice beer by my side.


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