30 Bananas a day!!

Eating vegan in Kenya is more difficult than I thought it would be. Eating raw fruits and vegetables in Kenya, is just impossible.

I have never been a huge Youtube person, looking at upcoming movie trailers was about it.

But, thanks to the many of free hours I have after reporting and transcribing work, I feel like have been surfing the web for the last two weeks straight. Though I prefer not to admit to this, I like to think I am not addicted to the internet, I am thankful I have been glued to the screen.

A couple of days ago I came across a couple of websites all focused on the raw food diet, such as FoodnSport and 30bananasaday. I also found many documentaries on the annual Woodstock Fruit Festival that were really fun to watch.

But the point is, I think I am hooked. I have reading up and watching everything I can find on this 80-10-10 and Raw Till 4 lifestyle. I have heard about it in the past, being a fan of the ultrarunner, Michael Arnstein AKA The Fruitarian, but I never really looked into it.

If you do not know what it is, 80-10-10 Diet is a book written by Dr. Doug Graham a raw foodist. The diet is comprised of 80% of food is from carbs, 10 from fat and 10 from protein. So, basically all you eat is fruits, veggies, and occasionally some grains and nuts. Look this guy up, he is in amazing shape!

I also found the interesting character, Freelee, The Banana Girl. She is a raw foodist and founded the 30bananasaday website and Raw Till 4, where you can eat all raw foods until dinner where you eat carbs. She is hilarious and extremely inspirational.


So I do not know if it is the hours of brainwashing or the fact that I am away from home and not getting to eat the foods I typically have, but I am hooked! It seems so simple; just eat fruits and veggies. I have been doing that anyway since becoming vegan!, easy right?

Not so much, when you are living in a foreign country with many other guests living in the same small compound as you are.

I have been trying though, and would put my diet at about 70% raw. Not too bad, but not too good. Being just one of the many people living here, the ability to eat enough bananas and other fruits in the day, or even breakfast, is posing a challenge. The banana girl will eat 10 bananas for breakfast, I on the other hand was able to snag 6 for breakfast and two for later in the day, before the stock dried up.

The other day when my class went to the market I stocked up on oranges and apples, which I am trying to last the week. 5 oranges and 4 very tiny apples for the week. Ya, the diet is not going so well.

So for the sake my health and growling stomach I have reached the decision to eat as healthy as I can which I do anyway, and save the real transition to all raw for Indiana.

I am so excited to begin though. I even looked in the pantry for a blender yesterday. A blender! In Africa! (I found one but it did not work, it looked pretty old and dusty)

I am also waiting to tell my parents about this new lifestyle till I get home and they have a beer in front of them. They already think I am crazy for being vegan.

But I really wanted to write this because I fell like I cannot describe my current craze while here in Africa. The girls already think I am weird for running in the morning and not eating the supposedly amazing banana cake that the cooks make for dessert.

And I ask, has anyone else seen this diet? What do you think of it? And better yet, is anyone on it??