Good week, Bad Week

Last week was awesome. One week form my first marathon and I got in about 45 miles.. didn’t mean to but was not complaining!

Then came this week. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I had the hardest time just getting off my couch and making it to my door, only running 28 miles this week! If I was fatigued, sore, i would have been okay with it, but I wasn’t. And I know why.

Last week I was finishing school, finishing my book on Veganism and overly-speeding my little Jetta back to Chesterton, IN.

After a week of running in my wonderful dunes and trails, I was flying high. I was eating healthier, playing with my beloved and missed dogs, and arguing (nicely) with my dad about the horrors of meat. The weather was hot, sunny and deck-bathing appropriate.

And then I came back. Believe me, I love Bloomington and IU but when it is summer and your friends, are non-runners and watching movies instead of being outside, it is hard to motivate yourself to go for a run. I got better near the end of week, probably knowing that I would be angry with myself if I didn’t do more than 20 miles this week. So Friday, I trudged to the treadmill (rain) for 5 miles. And thank goodness, because that kick started into a great weekend. I got up early for a 4 mile run Saturday, then me a friend for a 3-4 hour long yoga festival downtown. Wanting sushi after a day of ommms and stretching, my friend and I decided we needed to earn it with, another 4 mile run! Then Sunday I woke up for a nice moderate and hilly 10 mile run through and around campus.

Because I do not like listening to music while I run, the hour of running this morning let me think what really made me not want to run this week. Yes, I missed being home and running the trails, but I also missed running with my mom, who is my number one fan, training partner and coach. Here in Bloomington, I am on my own for runs over 5 miles. So, today I have realized that I need to find a group to run with, either the running club through school or the Bloomington running group. Either way, I know a group will motivate me for the runs during the gross weather and after my 3 hour class.

So hopefully, next time I am writing I will have found some running buddies! wish me luck!


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