Learning and changing! Part 1

Learning and then changing or changing and then learning?? For me this week, I am focused on learning and then changing. Changing my diet, my lifestyle, my career goals, and hopefully myself for the better.

Change #1: Veganism: For some reason (and due to I have been watching many Youtube videos on Scott Jurek) I hvae been thinking more and more about becoming a vegan. I hvae been a vegetarian for a little more than a year and I hvae to say, I really missed meat maybe once or twice. I have no desire to eat it any more and that is the way other foods are becoming to me. I picked up the book, Eating Animals” again by Jonathan Safran Foer after stopping for some forgetful reason. I read last night with one of my cats purring on my stomach and I just could not believe what I was taking in.

I am still researching everything, becuase I am a nerd and love to look up books on Barnes and Noble, and I realized how difficult this will be. Even today as I was making my lunch, I spread a pesto sauce on my sandwhich without knowing that parmasean cheese is the main ingredient. I think the hardest part for me wil be giving up chocolate, and things from a restaurant, like pancakes, muffins and Starbucks that include milk and eggs.

So, my plan is to continue to read and research and finish out the yogurt in my fridge (I am a college student with no money remember) and start this new change in May. One thing I am going to have to think about is my month-long trip to Kenya and the options offered me there, but it’ll be good!

When reading reviews of Eatin Animals I came across this [http://www.huffingtonpost.com/natalie-portman/jonathan-safran-foers-iea_b_334407.html] a review of the book by Natalie Portman. After reading Portman, a 20 yr-old vegetarian became a vegan. I am only a third of a the way done and my mind is changing as well.

When reading Scott Jurek’s book, the whole time I just wanted to go out and run and then cook. COOK. That is a foreign, bizarre concept in the Campbell family. (Sorry mom, you know it is true.) My parent sdo not cook and when I was little I came home on my first day of Kindergarten and was so excited to inform my parents that there were actually three meals in a day, not two!

Cooking will probably be the most frustrating and nerve-fracking part of this transformation but something I can get on board with…slowly.

Wrapping up my long ramble, wish me luck in this difficult and fulfillling journey. And if anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it!

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