Remember when 5 miles was a lot?

Walking out the door for an easy 5 mile run a girl in the newsroom exclaimed, “Jessica you make me feel so bad about myself.”

Harsh. But she went to say that I make her want to go workout, something she never never does.

“I’m only going 5,” I said, inviting her to come with. Every other head looked up and laughed, “only 5?”

I thought about that on my way out. The first mile was a drag, running uphill on a somewhat upset stomach, but I was glad I made myself take a break from studying and exercise. I thought about all the reasons to allow me to not have to run or cut it short. My legs are tight, a bit sore, 4 is just like 5… and on. By mile 3 i was good to go and running strong. Though I only had to run 5, I remember just two years ago it was hard to do 3, then 4, then 6. I remember my swimming career was over, my boyfriend at the time had baseball games a hour after school and I was signed up to run my first half-marathon. After changing clothes in the car, I set off on the bike trail, looking forward to the next marked half mile.

I have always been a muscular, and endurance strong athlete, the 3 to 4 mile mark ticked off easily. The 5 to 6 miler was harder to overcome and took awhile to get used to. The bike trail where I live is fairly flat and a really easy run. Overcoming the 6 miler on the bike trail was step 1, overcoming the 6 miler trail run was step two. Though I cannot exactly when the feat of 6 miles became the new 2 miler but it came unnoticed.

So today my 5 miler could have been a 3 miler. My 8 miler is now more of a 6, and anything longer than 15 miles is long run. When did this happen?

Wait, who cares? I’ll take it!


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