Done with 1st marathon and ready for more!


Before the race with my mom!

Yesterday I finished my first marathon! It was the the Carmel Marathon, in Carmel, IN. It was a great beginner marathon, being flat and easily accessible to my screaming and cheering mom and sister.

My plan was to hold 8:30’s for as long as I could, and then just hold on. So, heading out in the cold Ind. air, I stuck by the 3:40 pace guy from Oklahoma. Me along with 6-7 other runners stayed with him for as long we could. I dropped out of the group at mile 12 but continued on next the couple of miles in the 8:20-8:30 range.

Being a swimmer since I was 6, triathlons, rowing, and one horrible 2-mile swim, I can honestly say that I have done some difficult athletic events. After (and during) the marathon I realized, this is the hardest thing I have ever done!!

By mile 20 I was doing all right… the fatigue and “can I do this?” hit me at mile 22. I saw my sister and mom bouncing along at mile 24 and my mom jumped in and “paced” me the last two miles. And when I say “paced” I mean yelling at me to just make it up the last hill and catch the girl in pink! Honestly, I would not have finished that well without her! I did finish with the 3:45 pace guy, who sped up in the last miles to get done quicker. I officially finished in 3:44.04!! My goal was anywhere between 3:45-3:50, so ill take it!

Even though limping to the car took hours, the water from my shower pelting on the rubbed skin made me scream, and any movement from my legs was painful, I loved every minute of it. Sure, there were times I questioned my choice for my Saturday morning, but I am so glad to have run!

After I got home I realized I got 3rd in my age group. I could not believe I ran that fast! And I can not wait to do it again!

Image I don’t know when this was but I’m still moving!

First marathon is done and over, and I am wanting for more. In September I will be pacing my mom in her first 50 miler in Wisconsin and in October I will be begin my second marathon at the Chicago Marathon! I am so excited!

I know it is long way to go but I am looking forward to a long summer of hard training, and hopefully qualify for the 2015 Boston Marathon!

Image After! so tired!


Learning and changing! Part 1

Learning and then changing or changing and then learning?? For me this week, I am focused on learning and then changing. Changing my diet, my lifestyle, my career goals, and hopefully myself for the better.

Change #1: Veganism: For some reason (and due to I have been watching many Youtube videos on Scott Jurek) I hvae been thinking more and more about becoming a vegan. I hvae been a vegetarian for a little more than a year and I hvae to say, I really missed meat maybe once or twice. I have no desire to eat it any more and that is the way other foods are becoming to me. I picked up the book, Eating Animals” again by Jonathan Safran Foer after stopping for some forgetful reason. I read last night with one of my cats purring on my stomach and I just could not believe what I was taking in.

I am still researching everything, becuase I am a nerd and love to look up books on Barnes and Noble, and I realized how difficult this will be. Even today as I was making my lunch, I spread a pesto sauce on my sandwhich without knowing that parmasean cheese is the main ingredient. I think the hardest part for me wil be giving up chocolate, and things from a restaurant, like pancakes, muffins and Starbucks that include milk and eggs.

So, my plan is to continue to read and research and finish out the yogurt in my fridge (I am a college student with no money remember) and start this new change in May. One thing I am going to have to think about is my month-long trip to Kenya and the options offered me there, but it’ll be good!

When reading reviews of Eatin Animals I came across this [] a review of the book by Natalie Portman. After reading Portman, a 20 yr-old vegetarian became a vegan. I am only a third of a the way done and my mind is changing as well.

When reading Scott Jurek’s book, the whole time I just wanted to go out and run and then cook. COOK. That is a foreign, bizarre concept in the Campbell family. (Sorry mom, you know it is true.) My parent sdo not cook and when I was little I came home on my first day of Kindergarten and was so excited to inform my parents that there were actually three meals in a day, not two!

Cooking will probably be the most frustrating and nerve-fracking part of this transformation but something I can get on board with…slowly.

Wrapping up my long ramble, wish me luck in this difficult and fulfillling journey. And if anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it!

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Remember when 5 miles was a lot?

Walking out the door for an easy 5 mile run a girl in the newsroom exclaimed, “Jessica you make me feel so bad about myself.”

Harsh. But she went to say that I make her want to go workout, something she never never does.

“I’m only going 5,” I said, inviting her to come with. Every other head looked up and laughed, “only 5?”

I thought about that on my way out. The first mile was a drag, running uphill on a somewhat upset stomach, but I was glad I made myself take a break from studying and exercise. I thought about all the reasons to allow me to not have to run or cut it short. My legs are tight, a bit sore, 4 is just like 5… and on. By mile 3 i was good to go and running strong. Though I only had to run 5, I remember just two years ago it was hard to do 3, then 4, then 6. I remember my swimming career was over, my boyfriend at the time had baseball games a hour after school and I was signed up to run my first half-marathon. After changing clothes in the car, I set off on the bike trail, looking forward to the next marked half mile.

I have always been a muscular, and endurance strong athlete, the 3 to 4 mile mark ticked off easily. The 5 to 6 miler was harder to overcome and took awhile to get used to. The bike trail where I live is fairly flat and a really easy run. Overcoming the 6 miler on the bike trail was step 1, overcoming the 6 miler trail run was step two. Though I cannot exactly when the feat of 6 miles became the new 2 miler but it came unnoticed.

So today my 5 miler could have been a 3 miler. My 8 miler is now more of a 6, and anything longer than 15 miles is long run. When did this happen?

Wait, who cares? I’ll take it!