Track, shoes, and a 20-miler

It is Friday, which means a long week of training behind and weekend of long running ahead. My post will be in three categories, running an official track meet, getting new shoes and preparing for my twenty-miler tomorrow!

1. Track: So, last night was my first, yes first, time I ran on a track for an official time and race. I was substituting in for my friend’s team for qualifications for Little 50, a running race designed like IU’s Little 500 bike race. Cold, and nervous I ran my first 800, which I learned that night was twice around the track. Though, I was slowest on my team, I am so glad I ran! It was a lot of fun, and man, there are some fast Hoosiers out there! I am pretty sure we qualified for the race, beating out all the sorority girls (Ha!) and running next weekend. The real team member will run, but I still get to watch and cheer.

2. Shoes: My legs are killing me, then they are going to kill my shoes. I have had a shin splint for the last month, and it is slowly, painfully worse and this week my other shin was bothering me as well. Trying to watch my stride and making sure I am hitting properly, I think i figured it out: my shoes now are making me overpronate more than before. I am sad because I love my cute green and gray Nike’s but I have to let the go :(. I ordered the Brooks Ghost 5 after suggestions and many days of research. I am hoping they will be “MY” shoe, you know the shoe that I will keep forever and never go back. Ahhh the dream…

3. Tomorrow will be my 4th 20 miler, 3rd in the last 6ish weeks. I came home for Easter and so I would not have to run by myself through Bloomington and get lost like I usually do. Because my mom won’t be running, she is done with her 20’s, I will be forcing my younger sister to ride next to me. So, in addition to preparing myself for a long, 20 mile run I will have to wake my sister up 3 hours before she usually does, make her breakfast and listen to her complain about the cold. FUN! My prediction: by mile 7 she will be done. Stay tuned for the answer 🙂


First Blog Post!

This is a day to remember. I will admit that I am not the best at keeping up with my old blog’s posts, but I feel like a blog dedicated to running and working out should be easy considering it takes up all of my free time!

Though I love them, my friends and co-workers at the newspaper at school are not the most avid runners, leaving me to talk to myself about my last run and goals for the week. This problem has also resulted in me calling my mom every night to talk about each other’s runs that day, (a habit I love dearly, mom).

So, this blog will be my savior for all the times i tried to talk to my co-editor and got blank stares back or when my training calendar was to marked up to read!

Hope you all enjoy 🙂 Have a great Friday!